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This page is a memorial to the late Dr. Willard A. Palmer, music educator, editor, author and loving father and husband. It has been designed and built by his sons Willard A. Palmer, III and Thomas M. Palmer.

Willard Palmer was known and respected all over the world as an expert on baroque ornamentation and an innovator in keyboard pedagogy. He started the Masterwork series for Alfred Publishing Co.

One of the key documents that led to the development of the Alfred Masterwork Series was a complete photographic reproduction of Das Klavierbüchlein vor Wilhem Friedemann Bach, which his son found for him at an unusually fortunate time and in a most serendipitous manner. This was the source of the only table of ornamentation extant in J.S. Bach's own hand. It justified his theories of baroque ornamentation and for years was the background of his business card and personal stationery. It is also the background of this web page!

He was also the Palmer of the famous Palmer-Hughes instruction method for accordion.

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I inherited my father's harpsichord, “Big Red.” He played this instrument at several colleges and universities, as well as in concerts all over the United States. Igor Kipnis used it during one of his tours through Texas. It is a very unconventional instrument. I am offering a generous reward for anyone who is an experienced harpsichord technician who will come to Houston and show me how to make this instrument function properly. I will also pay transportation and lodging. I am a quick study. The instrument has not been properly set up in about 14 years. It has been in its present location, at a fairly stable humidity and temperature for about 6 years. Pictures of this instrument are located in the photo gallery, directly beneath this paragraph and at the “Big Red” web site.

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